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Quit Overthinking

And Silence Your Inner Critic

Worry of the future, fear of rejection, failure, or even success (Believe it. It does happen.) can seem like a mountain blocking the way to taking action towards the life you want.


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  • Overthinking?

    Has overthinking left you feeling drained and exhausted?


    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Positive Psychology, and Constructive Habit Development.


    Schedule a one-hour Discovery Session with me, done at no charge to you!


Overthinking Nervous Girl Steven Goldschlager
  • Worry of the future?

  • Fear of Rejection?

  • Overthinking?

  • Fear of Failure?

  • Or Even Success?

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Schedule a one-hour Discovery Session with me, done at no charge to you. It will be completely at my expense. During this time, we will begin the exploration process into what's holding you back and possibly have some “aha” moments along the way.

Why am I doing this? I want to make sure we are a good fit. We both need to be comfortable with the process. I also want to give you the chance to try my services without any risk. I want you to feel confident that you have finally found the path that is right for you. If afterward, you wish to continue working with me, there are reasonable payment programs available. Schedule your complimentary one-hour Discovery Session now!!

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Coaching for Overthinking

Overthinking Steven Goldschlager

If you are suffering from overthinking, there may be hope! Schedule your Complimentary Discovery Session today. Worry of the future, fear of rejection, failure, or even success (Believe it. It does happen.) can seem like a mountain blocking the way to taking action towards the life you want. Many of us are deathly afraid, possibly terrified, of being judged or rejected. It’s understandable. It hurts and at times can feel almost unbearable. In the past, when our ancestors lived in caves, this fear of pain could save your life. It kept you from doing anything stupid that might get you eaten (a valid concern I might add). But in today’s world, this inaction used to protect ourselves, also hinders us from living the life we each want….a life of peace, happiness, and fulfillment.

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FREE Discovery Session


Overthinking can make you feel helpless and it sucks! It’s suffocating. There are experiences you want to say “yes” to but instead listen to your inner critic, that negative voice in your head that wants to protect you, but instead leaves you in a life of mediocrity and boredom.

How can people know you’re funny if you never tell a joke? How can that person know you’re interested when you won’t go over to introduce yourself? How will your boss know about your ability to solve problems if you don’t open your mouth? It just doesn’t make sense, does it?

If you’re like me, when you close your eyes and dream, you think of what you want your story to be. You don’t want it to be about chronic stress or worry, absorbing your happiness like a sponge. Instead, your life can be an adventure. It’s less about what you do and more about the person you become; someone who's confident, peaceful, fulfilled, and living in the present moment. Here’s the crazy part. I believe that person already exists inside of you.

It exists in all of us. If you can visualize something, the ability already exists to achieve it. So what’s stopping you? Unfortunately, the answer is you. But don’t be upset by this too much. In fact, accepting this statement can be freeing. It’s the first step. If you listened to your inner critic and created this overthinking “cage” called your life, you also hold the key. Opening the door to this self-made prison is a move towards living life on your terms. It means realizing you deserve the best in everything. You deserve great relationships, and lots of money, and whatever else you want, but you have to reach out and grab it. With doing this comes confidence, peace, and fulfillment. However, with no action, nothing changes. You continue to overthink, creating “paralysis by analysis”. Then your dreams remain just that….dreams.

If action is the answer, then why is it so hard to get yourself to move forward? The answer is simple, but not easy. It’s hard to make good decisions when in the middle of the muck. We all see the world through our own personal filter and to a degree, many of us hold a skewed view of things. There’s a part of us that wants to improve, to change. But there’s also a part of us that wants safety, to keep everything to stay the same. We may not like our present situation, but we know what to expect. It’s hard to overcome this resistance to what we want without clarity of what’s blocking us (Hint - It’s often not what you think). Reaching this level of understanding, that “aha” moment by yourself can be hard to downright impossible. This is why we often start with these high ambitions but end up talking about “getting started tomorrow”.

If you’re like me, although you want to achieve your goals, it’s more about the person you will become. Taking action toward your dreams has some fantastic side effects. You develop confidence in yourself and your abilities. You cultivate a peaceful mindset. By conquering overthinking and taking action, you’ll soon grasp that you can handle any challenge that comes your way. Living a fearless life, a life of meaning, also brings with it the feeling of fulfillment, knowing what we are doing truly matters. Life becomes an adventure to be lived rather than watched from the bleachers. And isn’t that what you want?

If you don’t do anything, here’s what happens. Nothing!! There will be no growth, no new strengthened confidence, no dream job, no deeper relationships, no new book written, no breathtakingly beautiful body. Nothing!! And why? Because “What if I look or sound stupid?”. You have gifts, big fantastic gifts. They need to be shared or they are wasted.

Maybe you did therapy, read a million self-help books, or went to some “rah-rah” motivational seminars. You learned about the need to change your thoughts or act as if. The information was great and you were ready to make all of these changes. “Get ready world. Here comes the new me.” But then nothing! It could be so frustrating you want to scream. “AHHHH!!!! But why didn’t this stuff work for me?”

To achieve what you want, you need clarity of what’s holding you back. I’m not talking about diving into your past, but understanding what is holding you back NOW. What mental hurdle is standing in your way today? You want an action plan you can feel confident with that will move you toward the life you want, the person you want to be starting from TODAY. You also need accountability. This is HUGE with taking steps forward toward your dream life. It’s like there’s a war inside your head between you that hunger for the stars and the part that wants everything to stay the same. Welcome to the world of overthinking. Instead of action, we sit and think. Lack of action may stink, but it’s safe. You know what to expect. That’s not how I want to live my life and I doubt it’s how you want to live yours, but the battle can be exhausting. You want someone by your side to keep you moving forward, that can aid in figuring out what might be causing resistance, and help you breakthrough. That’s how you move closer to the life you want.

Being an overthinker, there’s a tendency to pick apart our victories, to think about some aspect that could have been better. There’s ALWAYS something that can be improved. You want someone who reminds you of all you’re doing right, a person who offers tools to finally silence that inner critic and help alleviate stress and anxiety in the process. Improved focus, achieving goals, building confidence, enjoying inner peace and fulfillment, that’s the foundation of a successful life. But where do you find this person?

My name is Doctor Steve Goldschlager. I too am a recovering overthinker. I’m also a holistic health care provider, a chiropractor for more than 25 years. In addition, I am a certified transformational coach. What brought interest to this area for me is first off my own experience. I’ve seen in my own life how overthinking “what if’s” and the stress and anxiety that come with it made me feel miserable. I just felt “heavy”, like I held the world on my shoulders. I tried the traditional approaches, counseling, and becoming a self-help junkie. I read everything I could. I listened to motivational speakers. I was looking for “the secret sauce” to bring more zest to my life. There were benefits to this path, but they only went so far. I would set lofty goals, excited about the future, and then find that nothing happened. I was stuck. I wanted, I needed change. I started doing research, and lots of it, in how the mind works. The motivation wasn’t the answer to my challenges. It only lasts so long. I was tired of looking at my past. I wanted to move forward. I learned about something called neuroplasticity, which is the ability of neural networks of the brain to change through growth and reorganization. In other words, you have the ability to change or rewire your brain. This concept totally shifted my world. I can make a change and actually keep it. I learned as much as I could from fields such as positive psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy, and habit development, with the goal of moving toward my dreams of greater confidence, happiness, peace of mind, and fulfillment. Guess what? It worked!!

Later, I would talk to patients and find that many were going down a similar path. They often felt anxious and stressed out…. even when things were going their way. They were overthinking their lives. Yes, they got that promotion but believed it was due to luck or other people’s help. Maybe next time things won’t go their way and here we go again, down that negative spiral. Rather than enjoying achievement, they were already overthinking, focused on future “what if’s”. I began sharing some of the tools I had learned. The feedback was excellent. People were feeling better. Their lives were becoming more enjoyable. I made a commitment to myself. I decided to focus my energy on helping other overthinkers, people whose anxiety and stress were robbing them of the here and now. I wanted to help people who over-analyze what seems like everything, people who feel stuck in their present lives, and don’t quite know where to turn.

I became a certified transformational coach focused on helping people in an area that I know very much about. I am a coach for overthinkers. I want to help people who have undergone counseling or have chosen to self-help but have found that as hard as they try, they’re still not getting to where they want to in their lives or enjoying the process.

My program, called Quit Overthinking In 8 Weeks, is backed by research, is designed to help you rewire your brain. It involves cognitive behavioral therapy, positive psychology, and constructive habit development. This program is based on your present and your future, WITHOUT focusing on your past. It’s an opportunity, through deep questioning, for you to explore your overthinking and gain clarity in why you partake in this destructive habit. There is a reason you overthink. I can’t tell you what that is. It’s different for each of us, but I will tell you when the discovery is made, it’s like magic. It’s like the shackles that have been holding you back just fall to the ground leaving you free, possibly for the first time. With this newfound freedom, you can finally begin to move toward whatever you want. In fact, together we will create action steps you feel comfortable taking to create momentum and move you forward. It makes sense at this point. You will no longer be an overthinker, but a person who goes after what they want. I will be there to support you and hold you accountable along the way. In addition, I will share tools that with practice can drastically reduce if not end any ups and downs. Save the rollercoaster for the theme park.

Who is this program NOT for? This is a program that requires work. I can’t just “fix” you. We work together to create clarity as to what’s in the way of you living your dream life. For this to occur, you must make yourself a top priority. I understand this can be difficult. We all have responsibilities that are hard to put on the backburner. But without taking the time to focus on what you want, how will you ever be able to move toward your dream life. If you can’t make yourself a top priority, we should wait until you’re in a better position to do this type of work. It doesn’t mean never, just not now.

This program is for you if you’re tired of ups and downs in life. One minute everything seems to be going your way. The next, something negative happens and down you go. It is exhausting! This program is for you if overthinking is holding you back from achieving your wants and enjoying the process. It is your answer if you’ve tried counseling, motivational programs, or other avenues only to be frustrated and disappointed. This program will change your life.

"Working with Steve as a coach has been life-changing. He was able to help me develop an absolute clarity as to what was standing in the way of achieving what I wanted. He was there keeping me accountable, giving me the strength to move forward on my path of self-exploration. Now I am living the life I always wanted. I don’t worry about things the way I used to and I’m trying new things all the time. Life is so much better!"

- Margaret B.

"Steve is such a wonderful coach and mentor. I was so fortunate to be connected with him. He holds absolute clarity of thoughts and will give his best to create a clear awareness. He will walk with you and stay strong and steady in your journey to self-exploration. Each and every session we had together was a delight and a treat to such an incredible wisdom. Steve, with your wonderful humor, strong personality, and rock solid commitment toward your purpose, you are the most amazing coach."

- Divya P.

"I worked with Steve for around 2 months. The conversations were really rich with deep questions and the insights gained have helped me move forward. His thoughtful, unbiased, non-judgemental way of challenging the status quo is unique and has benefitted me a lot."

- Vineet G.

"I had a great experience working with Steve. I had a great experience with him and there was a high level of trust. We all have times that we have mixed emotions and aren’t sure what to do, especially in these uncertain times, which made me feel anxious. Having Steve as my coach was very helpful because he helped me dig deep to get to the root of the issue standing in the way of creating the outcome I wanted. We worked together and created a step by step plan that I could achieve. I think anyone with work or family-related pressure or stress can benefit from working with Steve."

- Jennifer S.

"I was stuck in the process of building a new house, anxious about cash flow, and stressed about design flaws, contractors, would it be worth it… you get the point. Steve coached me through the weeds. With his abundant compassion and magical way of wisely probing until the clouds part, I was able to make sound decisions and thaw into action. Couldn’t recommend him enough."

- Laurence P.